Zambart Services Department (ZSD)

Zambart has developed a new department, the Zambart Services Department (ZSD) in support of our vision for  growth and sustainability.

The main function of the department will be to provide high quality consultancy and training services to our clients, utilizing existing expertise as well as engaging the services of other individuals with the requisite skills as required.

Currently Zambart is able to offer services related to various laboratory testing, research governance and regulatory services as well as financial management of grants. Please see below for further details on the above-mentioned services.

Laboratory services:

  1. TB Tests
  2. Xpert® MTB/ RIF Ultra
  3. TB Culture and Identification
  4. TB Drug Susceptibility Testing
  5. TB Smear Microscopy
  6. TB LAM
  7. QuantiFERON TB-Gold Plus ELISA
  8. Serology and Immunology
  9. HbA1c
  10. Architect SARS-CoV-2 IgG Assay
  11. Determine™ Syphilis TP Antibody Test
  12. Malaria RDT and Microscopy
  13. Pregnancy Test
  14. COVID-19 AgRDT
  15. HIV Monitoring
  16. HIV RDT
  17. Architect HIV Ag/ Ab
  18. CD4 Count
  19. GeneXpert® HIV Viral Load
  20. GeneXpert® HIV Early Infant Diagnosis
  21. Xpert® Xpress SARS-CoV-2
  22. GeneXpert® HPV
  23. GeneXpert® CT/ NG (Chlamydia/ N. gonorrhea)

Research Governance and Regulatory Services:

  1. Translation services
  2. Quality Management
  3. Preparation of submission to ethics committee and regulatory authorities
  4. Development of Study master files
  5. Archiving of study documents
  6. Training in GCP/Informed consent/Foundations of research ethics/ Research Integrity/Good Documentation Practices (though the training materials needs to be accredited first)