Research governance

Zambart research governance is an independent entity that oversees the processes that ensure that all research conducted by Zambart is of high quality and that the rights and well-being of the participant that are recruited into a study are protected and maintained.


To be a hub of excellence in research governance, integrity, ethics, bioethics and quality management.


To ensure the ultimate standards of research are met by promoting & maintaining good practices and contributing to policy-making.

Core activities of the research governance department: 

The unit oversees the training of study staff in Good Clinical Practice, informed consenting procedures, good documentation practices, foundations of Research ethics, research integrity and incident identification and reporting.

All studies are assigned an RGO who manages that study and ensures that all relevant study documentation is kept in accordance with ICH-GCP guidelines.

All studies conducted by Zambart are monitored and audited to ensure studies are compliant with all the regulations and that participant safety is maintained and ensure that data that is being captured, is done in a timely and reliable manner.