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Human Resources at Zambart

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Our goal in Human Resources (HR) Department is to provide members of staff with the tools they need to achieve success. Zambart has developed tools, policies and strategies to provide strategic support to the various departments/ units within the organisation.

The overall purpose of HR Department is to ensure that Zambart is able to achieve success through people by supporting the design of work systems in which people succeed and contribute.

The HR Department is concerned with the functions of managing and developing people within Zambart. It is involved in the development and implementation of human resources strategies and policies. including the following activities:

The HR Department is involved in arranging Visas for its employees and foreign nationals to facilitate exchange programmes for doctoral and post-doctoral students and seconded staff


HR – Capacity Building


Zambart has over 600 employees supporting or directly performing different research activities in different research studies and units. A total of 566 new employees were engaged by Zambart between January 2013 and February 2014. Four (4) members of staff are seconded from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

The HR department is putting in place plans to document the good practices and all processes aimed at enhancing the performance of the teams. The department will continue to attract and retain highly skilled and qualified team members by reviewing and aligning its strategies to the overall organisation goals of Zambart. In summary the HR Department will continue to give the advice and services that enable Zambart to get things done through people.

As the champion of change, the department will focus on how to link change to the strategic needs of the organization and strive to minimize employee dissatisfaction and resistance to change.

In today’s organizations, in order to have a positive impact, HR Practioners need to think of themselves as strategic partners. In this role, the HR Practioner contributes to the development and the accomplishment of the organization goals.- Gilbert Jikubi, HR Manager

A dedicated Human Resources Generalist with over fifteen years of professional experience in government, quasi-government, and non-governmental organisations.  Gilbert leads Zambarts’ HR unit and oversees a 600 strong human resource team and aligns processes to support Zambart’s efforts and mission.