Year: 2020

Zambart has been awarded the 2020 Research and Development Institution Merit Award by the National Science and Technology Council. This is in recognition of Zambart’s contribution to research and development in Zambia and beyond since 1989.

Wednesday 26 August 2020 (Lusaka, Zambia)—A major TB study currently underway and aimed at investigating methods to reduce TB prevalence and infection in Zambia and South Africa will soon begin testing for COVID-19 using existing mobile TB testing facilities in…

You may view the abstracts from the Workshop under the link below. International Workshop on HIV & Adolescence 2020

Sepo III is a study that aimed to identify and showcase ‘promising practices’ (e.g. policies, programs, services, community initiatives, or other innovations) providing support for young people (0-24 years of age) living with HIV. MEDIA BRIEF LINK

The PopART trial, also known as HPTN 071, delivered community-wide HIV prevention interventions in combination with universal test and treat to 21 communities in Zambia and South Africa. PRESS RELEASE LINK

Types of episodic disability among people living with HIV in Zambia