Zambart uses various strategies and activities to inform the community about research projects being conducted in their communities. Some community mobilisation activities, such as health talks and focus group discussions with selected community groups, are also of an educative nature. Community and Social Mobilisation (C&SM) activities are done in conjunction with community representatives such as CAB members. Zambart’s C&SM activities are implemented to:

  • Raise awareness about research projects being implemented in the community.
  • Improve the community’s understanding of health research studies and related subject areas such as HIV transmission, treatment and care; TB transmission, treatment and care; Universal Test and Treat (UTT); Medical Male Circumcision (MMC); etc.
  • Help improve or change people’s perceptions and attitudes towards health research and outcomes of research.
  • Motivate individuals to respond positively to the study’s education and sensitization activities by accepting the study interventions.

Some activities are more suited for interpersonal communication because they allow for face-to-face interactions between Zambart staff and the people on the one hand, and among the people themselves on the other hand. Such activities include:

Community meetings

  • Drama and song and dance
  • Focus Group Discussions
  • Door to door sensitization campaigns
  • Health education talks
  • Stakeholder meetings
  • Participant meetings
  • CAB meetings

Zambart conducts other activities through the mass media channels. These includes the deployment of:


  • Print and electronic media
  • Community events such as open-day event s, sports events, church gatherings
  • School events

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