Principles underpinning Zambart Community Engagement:

Trust: Zambart researchers constantly work to ensure that communities have a positive experience of research by being conscious and acknowledging the expertise community-based partners bring to research. Our researchers always aims to uphold sincerity and honesty about what expect from their community partners.

Transparency: From the Zambart point of view, this means ensuring that community stakeholders are clear about their roles and responsibility from the onset of the research project. It also entails Zambart researchers providing timely information and feedback to the community stakeholders in a simple and easily understandable manner.

Ethical observance: This is very important in any research that Zambart implements.  Zambart conducts all its research projects in accordance with locally and globally accepted ethical standards.

Sustainability: Most of the research projects that Zambart implements are of high public health value. Involving the community in all the stages of the research projects builds relevant skills in the community partners and strengthens the communities capacity to sustain aspects of the projects for which they have the skill and ability.