Information Technology Support

The IT Department supports the computer network of Zambart, providing technical support and ensuring the whole Organisations runs smoothly. IT Department monitors and maintains the company computer systems, installs, and configures hardware and software, and solves technical issues as they arise.

Practically all Zambart employees currently have access to a computerized device whether it be a desktop computer in the head office and study site offices, a laptop computer for travelling and working from home, an android/windows tablet for data collection in the field or a mobile phone for engaging in social media, monitor chats groups and reading e-mail remotely.

The systems Administrator Setups User Accounts, Email addresses and ensures that users have access to their computer. His also responsible for Ensuring security through access controls on the servers, firewalls, and encryption of organizations devices.

Communication and mobile technology are developing very rapidly, and this is changing the way we work together. Accelerated by the COVID pandemic, we have on-line meetings with Zoom and Microsoft Teams, we work alternatively from home and from the office, and we attend conferences virtually without the need of travelling. Also, funders more and more consider international collaborations between institutions (consortia) a key requirement for delivering quality research. All these factors give rise to changes in IT-services. Zambart is currently in transitioning from a physical on-premises servers, to cloud-based computing whereby our e-mails, documents, study data etcetera are stored in the ‘cloud’, accessible from any place in the world and can be shared with collaborators as needed.

IT Department perform regular backup operations and implements appropriate processes for data protection and disaster recover for the organization.