Finance Department

The finance department of Zambart provide the financial management and procurement services to the organization.

The main functions of the finance department include:

  • Financial planning and Budgeting

The finance team supports the preparation of budgets for new studies and the annual budget for the organization. We also support the process of budget reforecasting as study implementation progresses.

  • Cash flow management

The finance team is responsible for timely invoicing to funders and ensure that there are always enough funds to meet the bills of the organization as they fall due.

  • Maintenance of financial records

The finance team is responsible for processing financial transactions of the organization in line with policies and procedures in place and ensuring accurate maintenance of all financial records.

  • Financial monitoring and reporting

The finance team tracks the sources and application of funds and prepares monthly management accounts that assist management to monitor the use of funds against approved budgets.

  • Procurement and supply chain management

Our procurement officer supports the procurement process ensuring that we are obtaining quality supplies in a timely manner and at competitive prices.

  • Risk and Compliance Management

The finance team ensures we have adequate internal controls to manage recognized risk and to ensure compliance to statutory regulations, applicable accounting standards and practices, and to internal and external policies regulations.

  • Safeguarding Assets

We safeguard the assets of the organization ensuring they are recorded, identifiable, adequately insured and are maintained in a working condition.

  • Short term investment

We undertake short term investments in the financial markets to ensure excess cash is invested and earns an interest where permissible by the donor.

  • Audit management

Over the years Zambart has successfully managed various funding agencies grant audits including the A133 audits for US federal funds (NIH/NIAID), WHO TB REACH audits, EDCTP II expenditure certification audits, BMGF grant audits, in addition the annual statutory audits.

  • Improving organizational effectiveness of our support role

The finance team is responsible for refining and improving the ways of working in order to provide effective and timely support to study teams.

To reduce our carbon footprint, Zambart in the recent years, has embarked on an initiative to automate key processes including the procurement process, timesheet maintenance, and payment voucher processing, thus reducing the use of paper.  This innovation is aimed at improving our organizational effectiveness and provide timely services to study teams, who make our key business partner.