The Communications Department is primarily responsible for communication of Zambart’s strategic priorities, plans and achievements through various forms of printed, electronic, and social media.

We communicate through press releases, public announcements for meetings, policy briefs, annual reports, and social media posts on Twitter and Facebook.

Other outputs of the department include visiting the field to document the study processes, interacting with field staff and participants to get their perspective. We also produce videos to document studies, and plan and manage study dissemination activities.


The purpose of Internal communication is to provide an effective flow of information between our organization’s departments and colleagues and both up and down the management/employee chain. Working together with the HR Department, the communications department is responsible for internal corporate communication.  This ensures that all staff understand upcoming goals, standard operations, and changes to procedure.


The purpose of external communication is to create a public image for our stakeholders and the general population.  The target for external communication is people and entities outside our organization, including partners, funders, government departments, and other stakeholders.