Zambart Stars

100514-1556(001)After disappearing from the soccer front for a couple of years, the Zambart soccer team has swung back into the local social league! Under a new name as Zambart Stars, they are now the official soccer side for Zambart.
Despite a long absence from the scene, the all-new Zambart Stars are not to be underestimated. The last few months have seen the side -flying the Zambart flag high by entering fearlessly into the current league to compete with other renowned soccer sides in Lusaka, and have so far raised a lot of dust even among some of the strongest competitors.
The team drawn mostly from energetic Chipata Site Community HIV care Providers (CHiPs) and head office – make a lean and mean striking force as can be evidenced by their recent exploits. The technical bench comprises of two coaches, one team “doctor” and one team manager who together have built a strong and highly motivated team. Both the head office and site players train twice a week for match preparedness and general fitness.100514-1431(001)
Some highlights of major competitions the Stars have played in the last season include the Vice President’s Cup last June, and in which the Stars white washed all competitors to emerge as winners and brought home the trophy. In September, they came runners-up in the Men United versus Cancer tournament organised by the Zambia Cancer Society to raise awareness about cancers in men and men’s health issues. In both of these matches, the man-of-the-match and golden boot were awarded to the Stars.
Zambart soccer administrator Mr Kombe Kenani, said the current form and unmatched determination exhibited by Zambart Stars in commendable. He said the team’s management is considering entering into an even more competitive league which will see the Stars compete against some of the renowned clubs under the Football Association of Zambia. In 2015, the Zambart Stars are planning to start an inter-Zambart league where they will play with teams from other Zambart sites, Mr Kenani said.

Below is a snapshot of some of the games Zambart Stars have played so far.


February 2015
Zambart (1) vs G4 Security (1)

February 2015
Zambart (4) vs ZAF (1)

March 2015
Zambart (5) vs Barclays (0)

March 2015
Zambart (1) vs Radian Stores (3)

March 2015
Zambart (4) vs Ninas FC (2)

Zambart Stars Lift Vice President’s Cup


March 2014
Zambia Army Zambart (2) vs (1) Office of the President
Zambart (1) vs (1) Zambia National Service
Zambart (0) vs (4) Libala (Quarter final)

April 2014
Vice President Zambart (6) vs Embassy of the People’s Republic of China (1)
Zambart (3) vs Comedians (1)
Zambart (1) vs Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (0)

June 2014
Zambart 7 vs 0 ZCCM IH
Zambart (3) vs G4S (4)

July 2014
Zambart (3) vs CHAWAZI (3)
Zambart (3) vs Zambia Daily Mail (0)

August 2014
Zambart (0) vs NINAS FC (0)

September 2014 Men Vs Cancer
Zambart (4) vs Cavmont Bank (1)
Zambart (1) vs ZCCM IH (0)
Zambart (0) vs Lamasat (2) (Final Game)

September 2014
Zambart (3) vs G4 Security (0)
Zambart (0) vs Chilenje (0)

October 2014
Zambart (2) vs Kamwala Rangers (1)

November 2014
Zambart (3) vs Town Centre Warriors (6)