TB Laboratory

IMG_2586This building is one of four containerized BSL3 TB laboratories (CTL) designed and built for the ZAMSTAR TB Prevalence Survey (2009-2011).  Originally located in Ndola, the CTL was relocated to ZAMBART House in 2012.  The CTL, built within a 12-meter steel shipping container, is a fully-equipped, negative-pressure BSL3 laboratory used for TB culture, drug susceptibility testing (DST), and smear microscopy.  It contains two Class II, Type A2 biological safety cabinets (BSC), a 28-slot bench-top centrifuge, a MGIT 960 TB culture instrument, a conventional incubator, bench-top autoclaves, Gene Xpert instruments, refrigerators and freezers, and computers.  The laboratory participates in an EQA program through the College of American Pathologists (CAP) for TB identification, DST, and smear microscopy.
During the ZAMSTAR Survey, each CTL processed 100 sputum specimens per day for MGIT liquid TB culture (a total of 65,000 in one year).  The CTL and its successor, the modular containment laboratory (MCL), have drawn international attention.  There are now 15 CTL/MCL in 7 countries in Africa, South America and the Caribbean.