Current Studies

Economic Evaluation of HPTN 071/PopART: This is a sub-study of the population effects of Antiretroviral therapy to reduce HIV transmission (PopART) study, a cluster-randomized trial of the impact of a combination prevention package on population-level HIV incidence in Zambia and South Africa. The aim of the trial is to measure the impact of the study intervention packages on HIV incidence by enrolling and following a random sample of adults (the Population Cohort) in the trial communities for 3 years. The economic evaluation seeks to measure the cost-effectiveness of the PopART interventions. It takes the societal perspective. Its intended primary output will be cost per DALY.

 Economic Evaluation BHOMA: This is a three-year sub-study of the impact evaluation of BHOMA intervention packages. The Better Health Outcomes through Mentoring and Assessment (BHOMA) interventions are implemented at clinic and community levels. The aim of the economic evaluation is to assessing costs of implementing the interventions both from project and health system’s perspectives, at health facility and district levels.