HPTN 071 (PopART): A Cluster-Randomized Trial of the Population Impact of an HIV Combination Prevention Intervention Including Universal Testing and Treatment: Mathematical Model

Anne Cori1, Helen Ayles2,3, Nulda Beyers4, Ab Schaap2,5, Sian Floyd5, Kalpana Sabapathy5, Jeffrey W. Eaton1, Katharina Hauck6, Peter Smith6, Sam Griffith7, Ayana Moore7, Deborah Donnell8, Sten H. Vermund9, Sarah Fidler10, Richard Hayes5, Christophe Fraser1*, HPTN 071 (PopART) study team

Published 2014

HPTN  071  (PopART):  Rationale  and  design  of  a cluster-randomised  trial  of  the  population  impact of  an  HIV  combination  prevention  intervention including  universal  testing  and  treatment  –  a study  protocol  for  a  cluster  randomised  trial

Richard  Hayes1,  Helen  Ayles2,3,  Nulda  Beyers4,  Kalpana  Sabapathy1*,  Sian  Floyd1,  Kwame  Shanaube3,  Peter  Bock4, Sam Griffith5, Ayana Moore5, Deborah Watson-Jones2, Christophe Fraser6, Sten H Vermund7, Sarah Fidler8 and The

HPTN  071  (PopART)  Study  Team.

Published 2014