Patient-reported barriers and drivers of adherence to anti retrovirals in sub-Saharan Africa: a meta-ethnography.

Sonja Merten1, Elise Kenter1, Oran McKenzie1, Maurice Musheke2, Harriet Ntalasha3 and Adriane Martin-Hilber1

1 Swiss Institute of Tropical and Public Health, Basel, Switzerland 2 ZAMBART, Lusaka, Zambia 3 University of Zambia, Lusaka, Zambia

Published 2010

Evaluation of the Capilia TB assay for culture confirmation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis infections in Zambia and South Africa.

Muyoyeta M, de Haas PE, Mueller DH, van Helden PD, Mwenge L, Schaap A, Kruger C, van Pittius NC, Lawrence K, Beyers N, Godfrey-Faussett P, Ayles H.J Clin

Microbiol. 2010 Oct

Evaluation of the Capilia TB Assay for Culture Con?rmation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infections in Zambia and South Africa

Monde Muyoyeta,1* Petra E. W. de Haas,1,2 Dirk H. Mueller,2 Paul D. van Helden,3 Lawrence Mwenge,1 Ab Schaap,1,2 Clarissa Kruger,3 Nicolaas C. Gey van Pittius,3 Katherine Lawrence,4 Nulda Beyers,4 Peter Godfrey-Faussett,2 and Helen Ayles1,2 Zambia AIDS Related Tuberculosis (ZAMBART), University of Zambia School of Medicine, Lusaka, Zambia1; London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, University of London, London, United Kingdom2; DST/NRF Centre of Excellence for Biomedical TB Research and US/MRC Centre for Molecular and Cellular Biology, Division of Molecular Biology and Human Genetics, Department of Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences, Stellenbosch University, Tygerberg, South Africa3; and Desmond Tutu TB Centre, Stellenbosch University, Tygerberg, South Africa4

Published 27 July 2010